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Newsmatrix is a news aggregator application, which is built on the Hungarian contents of the Ringier AG. It is based on a classical tree-map method that is able to visualize several datatypes. This method has already been used to visualize news before. The first example was on in the mid-90’s but the most famous one is Newsmap from Maramushi in 2004.

Our concept is the following: Beyond the articles, the popularity of the blog posts and videos are also shown in thematic categories. The size of the rectangles refers to the actual interest for the contents. The newness is that the users’ real time activity is shown instead of how many news portal has borrowed the contents.

In sum, Newsmatrix measures the number of the comments, rating of each content, the embedness of the matrix in other sites, bookmarking, printing, and some other user activities as well.


The application has two views. First, the Matrix that shows the actual state of the content. Secondly, the Timeline, where one can see the most popular contents retroactively.

Newsmatrix has also a physical dimension, it is projected to the editorial room’s main wall in 24 hours a day. Thus, journalists have a constant feedback on their work, they are able to follow the popularity of their articles. As a result, the news of the portal’s main site is organized by Newsmatrix.


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