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ICDB (Integrated Customer DB)


Call-centers and selling points have gained a more and more considerable role in the field of customer communication. The complexity of CRM systems makes communication more and more difficult; the performance of a CRM employee depends completely on the intelligence of the CRM system. The customer, when communicating with a CRM employee, communicates with the Company – according to his/her perception; therefore the customer’s opinion of the Company depends completely on the given employee’s skills.

On the other hand, the statistic feedback of customer demands carries highly valuable pieces of information for the Company. Our solution manages both directions of communication in an integrated manner, and with the help of built-in network intelligence, it frees CRM employees from the logistics of customer service. All employees have to do is to control the business procedure.

Intelligent system

Our system connects the CRM process of customers with similar problems, as it happens in the case of web 2.0 services. CRM employees can obtain data that have already been asked for by other employees in similar cases. As a side-effect of this solution, the database-requests of CRM processes can be optimized to a great extent.

[The new GUI based on a multilevel wizard]


The GUI changes according to what kind of questions most of the customers have. If set up properly, the system can react in a very sensitive way to new trends and changes as a result of newly introduced products and services. With managing the system manually, the Company can set a direction to the daily activites of CRM employees.

To make it short: our aim was to transfer the quality of the Company-customer interface from the skills of an employee to the GUI of CRM software.


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