Recent projects



Windspotter is a social wind info APP for the WIND/KITE surf community - it helps to choose the right spot on a windy day!


SourceBinder is a node based visual development environment for Flash. Instead of writing code you assemble a set of building blocks on a canvas and wire those blocks together. This allows you to rapidly create Flash applications. You can export those applications into regular Flash SWF file.



Node based network
FlashFilterLab (FFL) is a web-based visual application for easy creation and real-time tuning of complex Adobe Flash effects and movies. The mostly cumbersome way of using, combining and tuning of Flash filters becomes just as easy as a child’s play.



Newsmatrix is a news aggregator application, which is built on the Hungarian contents of the Ringier AG.


ICDB (Integrated Customer DB)

The interaction redesign of the Hungarian Telecom’s CRM system used by its nearly 8.000 customer servcice employees and its millions of customers. During the project we have thoroughly analyzed the communication process between the company and its customers.


Indageo is an image based geotagging service which lets people share their experiences through an extremely simple and fast interaction chain.

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Visual MINDS is a team of creative developers, making innovation, r+d and unique solution

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data visualisation, flash, geotagging, interaction design, new media, node based environment, rapid prototyping, usability, visual framework